The Mercedes-Benz C-Class receives its mid-life refresh and the Mercedes is calling this its most comprehensive refresh. This is backed up by the idea that the average C-Class has about 11,500 parts (by part number) and as many as 6,500 are brand new.

The Mercedes-Benz C200. Image: Mercedes-Benz


Platform and development

The new C-Class is based on the MRA platform and features the same independent multi-link front and rear suspension configuration as before. Overall, the C-Class range adds the option for adaptive suspension with steel springs, called Dynamic Body Control, to the range, sitting between the normal and air suspension options. But the story stealer of the C 200 is the engine.

The C 200’s 1.5-liter turbo-petrol

The M 264 series of petrol engines is Mercedes’ new model engines, as already seen on the CLS. In the big picture, the engines have pistons designed to run cooler for stable combustion as well as better emissions performance. They also have plastic engine insulation and mounts, a continuously variable valve lift system, conical cylinder blocks to cut piston skirt friction.

C200 Egypt overseas
The Mercedes-Benz C200. Image: Mercedes-Benz

But the piece the resistance on the C 200 is the belt-driven starter-generator (BSG) that headlines a 48V subsystem by Bosch. The BSG, EQ Boost in Mercedes-speak, allows up to 14 PS of power and 160 Nm of torque to be added to the engine’s output. Think of it as a mild-hybrid except that Mercedes uses it essentially to fill in what might have turbo lag on the twin-scroll turbo inline-four petrol engine.

So the 1.5-litre turbo-four makes 184 PS from 5,800 to 6,100 rpm and 280 Nm between 3- and 4,000 rpm. 100kmph takes 7.7 seconds and top speed is 239 kmph.

The 9G TRONIC 9-speed automatic isn’t the fastest shifting transmission in the world but it matches the feel and nature of C 200 well enough.

But the first thing you notice is the fancy new S-Class inspired steering wheel. It has two Blackberry-style small touchpads, cruise controls, and more on the wheel. The little stalk behind the steering wheel is gone.

The Mercedes-Benz C200. Image: Mercedes-Benz

So once you fall into a rhythm you find the C 200 to be a comfortable cruiser, capable of sustained autobahn speeds as well as a slow speed crawl. Mercedes still doesn’t use touchscreens and if that’s your thing, you’ll just have to wait a bit longer.


All this goodness is wrapped up in an updated bodyshell where the front and rear bumpers and especially the headlights received a lot of attention. While a halogen headlamp is still the standard fitment, Mercedes offers the futuristic LED headlamp as an option – we expect this to be standard in India. The top of the line headlamp is a rather ornate design which Mercedes calls Multibeam LED with Ultra Range High Beam – likely to be optional. These, the bumpers, and a selection of new alloy wheels, interior trim materials, and colors mark out a savvy, upmarket new C-Class.