BMW M5 Competition facelift: better dampers, more tech, tweaked grille

You’re looking at the newly revised M5 Competition, shown just days after its more sensible 5-Series counterpart. It’s a facelift, so rather than changing the recipe entirely, Munich’s given the 2020 M5 a light seasoning of updates. It’ll cost £98,095.

Great, so what’s new?

As you’d expect, BMW has once against fussed over the kidney grille, but thankfully it doesn’t reach the offensiveness of the  4-series  Instead the facelifted grille is more upright and drops down into the M5’s revised front apron. It’s a little more cohesive than before.

Underneath the subtly different bodywork, the new M5 Comp’ hides a suspension which borrows learnings from the larger M8 Competition. That means the M5’s new Variable Damper Control system can be set in one of three modes; Comfort, Sport, and Sport+. The further towards the Sport side you go, the less movement and the stiffer the ride.

M Servotronic steering offers the same degree of personalization; Comfort keeps it light and easy, while Sport gives you that heavy resistance you expect from an M car.

It’ll roll on forged, bi-colour, 20-inch M light-alloys.

And the interior?

Like the updated 5-Series, the revised M5 Competition benefits from an M Mode, and a larger 12.3-inch infotainment screen running the brand’s 7.0 OS.

What’s the same?

The engine, so expect a 4.4-liter V8 with forced induction, capable of 616bhp, 553lb ft, and 0-62mph in just 3.3 seconds. That was fast enough, then. Top speed is limited to 155mph but can be unlocked to an Autobahn-slaying 189mph if you opt for the M Driver’s pack.

Behind that is an auto ‘box with eight cogs, and as well as an M Sport exhaust. And M Compound brakes to cancel all of that forward thrust.